Our Mission

The mission of Life Lounge is to help others connect to their highest self and live the life of their dreams. We want our clients to experience a life of confidence, freedom and power, and rise up from the old paradigm of burnout, grief and shame. We have created programs and a community that support lifelong health, wealth and wellbeing.

Our founder Nicole’s story

Stress grief and burnout

Nicole’s ability to help others was born from her personal experience, she learned what happens when you don’t put yourself and your life desires first – sickness, grief and burnout. After losing her mother far too soon and experiencing corporate burnout, she realized life is too short to put yourself and your dreams last. She then discovered hypnotherapy which helped her discover where her negative emotions, like guilt and shame were coming from, and connect with her true being, free of limiting beliefs.

Now her passion is in helping others go deep into their subconscious and realize what is keeping them stuck in order to help them feel empowered, confident and free. She believes we can all transform to live the life of our dreams, relaxed, energized and refreshed. Nicole helps her clients release trapped emotions and traumas that they can’t see or realize are there.

Through customized lifestyle coaching, and hypnotherapy programs she helps clients live a balanced life that they are empowered to control and create. She believes in the power of community and healing together because when you are connected to your highest self you are living your best life.


Nicole Plaza

Founder, Certified Health and Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Certified Holistic Weight loss Nutrition Expert

Nicole Plaza

Are you ready to transform and connect to your highest self?