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We know you are busy trying to do and be all the things to your family and business. Maybe life feels overwhelming, you are faced with obstacles and stuck in your own limiting beliefs. We believe no one should go through this alone and that you should be living the life of your dreams.

Take your life to the next level

Nicole Plaza


Together we will help you get unstuck so you have the confidence to move forward with a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business.
Nicole Plaza


Our programs empower you to break bad habits, build resiliency and cope with stress and feel totally in control of your life and goals.
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You will release and break free from negative emotions and past events to move forward with your life permanently.

Meet our Founder

Nicole Plaza

Certified Coach and Hypnotherapist Nicole’s ability to help others was born from her personal experience, she learned what happens when you don’t put yourself and your life desires first – sickness, grief and burnout. Her passion is helping others go deep into their subconscious and realize what is keeping them stuck in order to help them feel empowered confident and free. She believes we can all live the life of our dreams, relaxed, energized and refreshed.

Founder Nicole Plaza
Ready To Rise Coaching Program

Ready To Rise

Coaching Program

Let’s get real, energized and connect with our highest self! Our custom created coaching programs give you everything you need to create permanent change and lasting results. From a customized holistic nutrition plan, exercise plan, accountability and coaching to Hypnotherapy and Energy healing, you will feel totally confident and empowered to feel good, look good, and do good.

Ready To Rise Coaching Program
Energy Healing + Hypnotherapy

Energy Healing + Hypno­therapy

A spa for the mind and a proven tool for change. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and retreat from the world turning your attention inward.

   Ahhh that is hypnotherapy.

Energy Healing + Hypnotherapy

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It’s time to do this for yourself, my dear.
Nicole Plaza
Nothing changes if nothing changes, lets clear those obstacles and discover all that is possible for you to rise to your full potential and beyond.